We create hand-crafted wooden native flutes and shamanic drums

We create our flutes with love, and every flute has felt the hand of the master and the touch of our soul.
Our flutes have their unique sound, character and shape, as all the instruments are handmade from beginning to the end.

We’re continually improving the process of creating flutes to offer to you the instruments that make your soul sing.


We create shamanic drums. It is vital that you will feel a connection with your drum, then drum will become your best guide and helper.

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We craft flutes for you that make your soul sing and help you get closer to yourself and the Creation



We also make other products typical of Native American culture – from wooden mate cups to drum bags.

We organize flute making workshops in Estonia!

We also organize multi-day drum-making workshops. If you want to make a drum with your own hands, you are welcome!


Instrument crafting gained more momentum when he met the Shaman of the Shuar tribe of Ecuador and the musician Arutam Ruyman, whose playing the flute evoked in Tõnu’s soul knowledge and deeper understanding of the nature and spiritual depth of flutes. After that, he had a deep vision and understanding of how to craft flutes.

The reunion of old acquaintances Tõnu and Neemo took place in Tõnu’s flute-making workshop. Working together and playing together gave birth to a vision of how to give the flutes an even deeper quality, and so it was decided to start working together. In 2017, Flutemakers was established.

We aspire to make our passion your passion, and we are happy if we can help you and make you happy.


Tõnu Talimaa
Ph. +37255646987

Email: info@flutemakers.eu

Neemo Saareväli
Ph. +37258119200

Email: info@flutemakers.eu

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